Monday, April 26, 2010

A bump in the system

So we had 3 eighty degree days in a row last week. YES in April in Montana... UNBELIEVABLE is the one word summary. So it through all our rivers off kilter, and to guide we headed off to the MO. (twist my arm right.) Half of the state was there, the rainbows are off spawning, and the wind sucked, or blew I should say. Beginner clients + big wind = no bueno. That being said we fished hard and got it done. One kid landed a stud brown over 20 (his first trout ever) and everyone caught fish. The moral of the story is rivers bump, wind blows, and our guides deal with it. Git Er Done..............come and see it for yourself

Monday, April 19, 2010


I had a chance to fish with some old buddies this weekend on the other side of the mountains while attending the Simms Ice Out. It's so nice to see old friends and get the rods bent. I think certain people just click and its always fun to fish in those situations. My friend I fished with and I share the same mind set. We pick the same patterns, we row and guide alike and most importantly we fish with the same level of intensity. A good fishing buddy is a great thing and it's always good to see them. Don't get me wrong the quiet sport is a ton of fun by yourself, but sometimes its nice to share the silence with a friend and a couple cold ones. tight lines, Brandon