Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why we fish.

I got to thinking the other day, call it an early mid life crisis. Why do I do this? Why have you chosen this path? After all its long days, financially unstable, hard on your body, and on the wrong day hard on your spirit. Not to mention the toll this lifestyle can take on relationships... I wonder sometimes if my ex girlfriends have their own testimonials web page floating around out there. I recently went to the Keys and landed a beautiful permit. It was incredible and classic, there are those moments. There are also the moments like the time my client had on this awesome bull trout in high water. I dropped anchor jumped out of the boat and netted it, only to come up victorious hearing the reel scream as my clients continued down the Blackfoot without me. The fish was "landed" but not "boated" because the boat was 75 yds downstream.....I caught up with them and the day was saved, but I almost died of a heart attack right there on the side of the river. My point is whether you are running across the flats or in your backyard, the Blackfoot, you never know whats going to happen. One thing I do know is, It's all good, and that's what keeps me coming back for more.......Tight Lines, Brandon

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Missoula?

I thought it was finally time to tackle the subject. So you are booking your dream trip finally coming out west. Where do you go? There is the so called (golden triangle) around southwestern Montana. What you have here is Yellowstone, Famous Rivers and awesome nymphing if that's your game. I have guided and fished here extensively. If you wanna bang triple digit whitefish in a day , this is THE place. Don't get me wrong I have caught huge Browns here and on dries, But outside of hopper season its just not a consistent thing on top. The scenery is awesome, the dry fly fishing isn't. plain and simple. When I was guiding on the Madison and the Yellowstone, I was in a core group of people who pushed dries....but its just not the place to do it. Throw in all the Mcmansions, wanna-be cowboys, and tourist traps and it isn't my scene. Oh I forgot the absolute traffic jam on these "pristine" streams. I have pulled in to boat ramps on the upper Madison and saw 60 boat trailers....around here I go elsewhere if i see five. Not exactly what I would call solitude. I'm not saying I don't fish in these places, but it all seems just a little to hectic and fake. I prefer my backyard. We have awesome scenery, big fish, solitude, and most importantly we whack em on dries. Nymphing to me is like going home with that kinda ugly girl at the bar at 2 am. We've all done it , but we'd prefer not to. Which is why Missoula was and still is the Mecca for headhunters. I have fished all over the west, south America and Canada and this is hands down the best dry fly fishery there is. For the majority of the year you can reasonably expect to catch fish on dries. For five months if you can't you may need to go see a doctor. When you throw in the laid back college town atmosphere and friendly people its hard to beat. At this junction I am not so sure it can be. So if you get a chance come out and see what you have been missing. Big trout,big dries and one of the coolest places on the planet. There is a reason it's called misSOULa. Tight lines.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fly Selection... Nature vs. New Age Kinda?

I was thinking the other day about what makes people select certain flies. Even more importantly, why? I will apologize in advance for some slightly hippy sounding ramblings that may follow.......(I must admit I once owned more Dead records than fly rods.) I am a firm believer in what works and if you find it by all means use it. I do however like to experiment. There is something about certain flies that just screams bugginess. Which is kinda misleading I think because some of my favorites don't look much like any particular bug at all. This is where it gets kinda metaphysical, but all those flies have one thing in common. They have Mojo. Its almost as if they could catch a fish all by themselves. That silhouette, that wing, that wierd yarn you ganked from your ex girlfriends sweater makes it everything a trout could want in a meal. Oh, if it has CDC it gets an instant Mojo boost. (CDC is like a spiritual trek to the Himilayas for flies.) The point is somethings can't be explained, they just are. When you find them hold on for dear life.

mo-jo any object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell

Tight Lines, Brandon