Thursday, October 6, 2011

A legendary fall

As I sit here tonight listening to the rain hit the roof of my cabin on the Missouri river I reflect. What A great season of dry fly fishing it was. I got back from the keys july 1st and the runoff was still raging, and when it stopped I had the most epic hopper season in my life. It was almost unbelievable.We met alot of new friends this year and showed them some fantastic fishing. Those of you who know me, will not believe I spent more days on the Clark Fork than my beloved MO. On my personal guide days it was normally like 85% MO 15% other and this year it was 70% other 30% MO. It was just THAT good. Tomorrow is my last day guiding for freshwater this year and it will be on the Mo. Hell, I feel like ive neglected her this year. So I'm gonna guide like it's 1999. I leave Sunday for the lower keys again. The big 3 are waiting and I am ready to greet them again. It's strange how you can be in two places at once, two people at once, but I know I hear the salt calling...............Thanks again Montana for a great season, in a word it was EPIC.

ps if anyone actually reads this and would like to try their hand at the salt game give me a call 406.544.2135
Cptn. Brandon Henley

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